etamax Karriere Unternehmenskultur

Everyone is talking about it – we have it – our superb company culture, our very special “etamax spirit”.

As a perceivable value, this means that it is simply a pleasure to work with us.

This is based on our flat hierarchies and conscious appreciation in our dealings with each other. Our teams have a good mix of young and experienced employees and colleagues from different nations.

Fresh fruit and free-of-charge beverages take care of the physical well-being, as well as health management and ultra-modern massage chairs.

Creativity, exchange of ideas and participation in the company is not us merely paying lip service, but characteristic features of our day-to-day work which we promote. We have put the conditions in place to enable and require self-responsibility and responsible actions.

For us, a human with all his/her skills, expertise and concerns really is paramount. Regular joint leisure activities are not obligatory, but are an expression of our culture.

That’s us:

Our international Team:

Our projects are international, as are our employees. They come from all over the world: as well as German colleagues, we also have employees from Egypt, Bangladesh, China, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Hungary.

Our Age Structure:

Young and old – this is one way of summarising the age structure at etamax. Fresh from university and just under 30, or a seasoned expert over 50 – all ages are welcome in our company and bring a breath of fresh air and specialised knowledge.

Percentage of female/male Colleagues:

Although the proportion of female employees is limited, it has been growing steadily over the years. We extend a warm welcome to women wishing to join our team – as we do to men.

The other things we offer:

For Families:


We are a family-friendly company which places emphasis on finding a happy balance between career and family. This is something our young fathers can benefit from as well. Whether it be flexible parent time, or a place in our company day-care centre, the “Kinder- Werk”, we offer a range of childcare options, even at short notice.

etamax is one of twelve companies using company places at the Kinder-Werk day-care centre. It is a day nursery with an emphasis on providing day-care services for children. Situated right next to the etamax office, children from eight weeks to six years of age are looked after here. For more information, please see



As a member of the Braunschweiger Bündnis für Familie (Braunschweig Association for the Family) (, we provide support for childcare projects. K.N.U.T. (Children’s emergency care hotline), P.a.U.L.A. and H.a.n.n.A. (household-help prescribed by a doctor) can be utilised in urgent situations.

Health Management:

logo_ipex5Another aspect which is important to us is the health of our employees. At iPEx5, you can be coached for a whole year in health matters. etamax space GmbH supports health coaching and also helps cover the associated costs. For more information, please see

In addition, a physiotherapist visits the company every 14 days to offer medical massage sessions. While you are waiting for her, why not take advantage of the state-of-the-art massage chair to stay relaxed?

We promote sports and welcome all participants who take part in the Braunschweig night or company run. Regular training sessions, held together with colleagues at ckc, are a lot of fun and increase one’s stamina.