Further Training & Professional Development at etamax space

Our employees are our capital – a guiding principle which we live and breathe. You have a number of opportunities to quench your thirst for knowledge: in seminars, by taking part in conferences and workshops or our training courses for the next generation of managers.

Autonomous expert groups in areas such as “space travel”, “software” or “validation” are another feature of our concept for the continuous professional development of our employees. Take advantage of your colleagues’ specialist knowledge and get continuous training on the current trends.

In-house seminars are great fun in our modern rooms, with exceptional equipment and refreshments. Experience the open learning atmosphere from within!

Opinions from the company:

Moritz Düttmann

1_MDTest Engineer

Coming fresh from completing my A-levels, I began a dual system of studies at etamax with no idea what I was letting myself in for – today, five years later, I know it was the right decision!

Beginning as a kind of hybrid of trainee and student, I was very quickly accepted into the etamax family. During my training, I received support from many colleagues and was able to gain some initial experience in real projects. The transition from my thesis to a permanent position was fluid and uncomplicated, like so many things at etamax.

After helping out a lot in development work in earlier projects, these days I work as a test engineer in a space flight project, primarily with international colleagues. Validating the on-board software of a satellite is technically challenging and very interesting. In addition, I am part of two internal technical groups which design further development measures for personnel at etamax together with colleagues.

I am looking forward to new challenges at etamax and am very excited about the next five years.

Tamás Ziegler


After the job interview, it was an easy decision to make to start at etamax. Whenever someone has been active in a big company – as has been the case with me up to now – one wonders: what are the most obvious differences between this company and a “big” one?

The competence of the employees was already in evidence from the first day. Right from the off, there was a relaxed atmosphere which made settling in very easy. The atmosphere, which was almost family-like, is convincing. At the same time, the same levels of professionalism and structure are apparent that you would find in a big company, thanks to the quality assurance measures.

Possibly the most noticeable difference is that of perspective. Unlike at a major corporation, one does not feel like a cog in the wheel, but rather a well-placed brick which – after a change of task – knows or gets quicker answers to questions such as “why” or “where am I in the project as a whole”?

For me, etamax wins points for allowing one to test one’s mettle in a wide range of areas. My previous experience, which I have gathered in different projects, confirms my choice and leads me to say: “If I had to choose again, I would still go for etamax!”