Co-operation strengthens the partners involved and etamax space is, therefore, a member of a number of partnerships. Thanks to the thematic similarity, we have close ties to Braunschweig research airport. etamax space is a member of the COIN cooperation initiative based there and has played an active role in the “Galileo Centre for Safety-Critical Applications, Certifications and Services”, or GAUSS. Our membership of the “Satellite Navigation – Intelligent Transport Systems and Service (ITUS)” innovation network forms the basis for collaborative projects in this area.

The SME working committee for space flight in Germany at the DLR (AKRK) represents the interests of small and medium companies involved in space flight in Germany. etamax space is especially active here and provides the representative speaker.

etamax space is a member of ASQF, the network of experts in the software development industry in German-speaking countries. Here, we actively apply our themes of “Safe Software” and “Safe Systems”, particularly in the “Software Test” working group in Braunschweig.

As a member of BDLI e.V., etamax space is actively involved in the German Aerospace Industries Association. etamax space strives for an active exchange of experiences on themes such as the “verification and validation of safety-critical software and systems”, as well as “functional safety”.

The company’s membership of Automotive Cluster provides a direct line to car manufacturers and their suppliers in the Lower Saxony region. This leads to partnerships and the opportunity to exchange information on and around the subject of “functional safety”.

In addition, etamax, together with the SUPPORT partner, stages seminars over several days on the theme of software engineering, with a focus on close-to-hardware programming.