Requirements Management

A mature product begins with mature processes. We can advise and support you in requirements management in order to achieve a resilient and extensive understanding of the aims of your project right from the beginning. Our mission is to ensure comprehensible, unique, verifiable, consistent, complete and testable requirements for your system.



Reference Projects

Studies from the beginnings of software engineering have shown that 60 percent of errors in software development projects arise during the requirements engineering phase. This percentage has increased somewhat in recent years through the adaption and use of software engineering processes and the use of requirements management tools. Nevertheless, almost every second employee in development projects gives missing, incomplete or incorrect requirements as the reason for system faults.

The requirements of development projects are usually not drawn up just the once, but almost continuously throughout the term of the project. They are developed, completed, adjusted or may even turn out to contradict each other. Thus, a structured requirements management process is needed, one which establishes predefined interfaces to the other software engineering disciplines and communicates information about changes to the requirements and their additional adoption where they are actually needed. This necessitates a constant tracking of requirements and a strong interdisciplinary understanding of the system.

etamax space has many years of experience in working with requirements for safety-critical systems in aerospace, space travel, automotive and railway technology. Using a process based on the requirements of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) and IREB-certified employees, it is possible to ensure a consistently high quality of system requirements along the system’s product life cycle. etamax space uses a proven tool chain, methodologies and templates which have been tried and tested over many years for performing individual tasks.

Established client tools can be easily integrated into etamax processes.