Software Engineering

Our highly-motivated, interdisciplinary team comprising software developers and architects, as well as project managers, is happy to support you in the implementation of tailored software solutions.

Building on many years of experience in software engineering for our customers from the aerospace, space flight, railway and automotive industries, we create custom software development processes in line with your individual project requirements. We can fall back on experience in safety-critical high-technology projects, as well as in product development. Whereas in the former, the process tends to need to be conservative, due to legal requirements, and is based on the waterfall and Vmodel, product development throws up challenges which can be efficiently mastered through the use of agile methods.

Our certified employees are also happy to support your agile team in their roles as

  • Product Owner,
  • Scrum Master/Agile Coach,
  • Architecture Owner,
  • Team Member or
  • Agile Tester.

The waterfall and V-models, as well as the agile processes do not
… always work in every project. We would be more than happy to advise you on how to find the best approach for your individual challenges.

Our support includes all the sub-processes during software development:

  • requirements management,
  • software architecture,
  • implementation,
  • modul tests,
  • integration and system tests as well as
  • acceptance tests, training and documentation.

In terms of technology, thanks to both the intensive and high-quality education and training of our employees, as well as our involvement in a wide range of projects for various customers and industries, we remain bang up to date with the latest trends. Our focus here is predominately on the following technologies:

  • Java EE/Java SE
  • C++
  • .NET Framework
  • test automation, of unit and modul tests as well as of GUI tests

Reference Projects

  • FIS-Software – Software for calibrating flight control systems, developed by Aerodata AG (
  • SAGA/2 – VW AG goodwill and warranty system, developed by VW WOB.
  • ESABASE2 – ESAs Space Environment analysis software to be used by the european industry (
  • ViSpaNeT – Virtual Space Weather NEtwork of Tools
  • SWENet – European Network for Space Weather
  • DRAMA – Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis Tool
  • DC-II – SSA Data Center
  • CO-VIII – Space Surveillance Precursor Services Operations