Test Automation

People make software.
People make mistakes.
Software contains mistakes.

Safety-critical applications only receive a certification if the probability of critical errors is kept as low as possible. Application software can also contain errors (critical for the company).

Take advantage of our employees many years of experience in the following areas (…)

To ensure we can find the bugs before anyone else does, please allow us to accompany you on the path to safety certification.

The use of agile methods in the everyday work as a software developer is increasingly test-driven and continuously integrated which results in constant improvements in the quality of the software.

Our employees have the relevant knowledge and experience to carry out automated tests in all facets of your application. Starting with unit and interface tests, via integration tests, to the automation of surface tests.

We can support you

  • when it comes to choosing the right tools for the requirements of your project
  • with the planning, execution and management of tests,
  • with the training of your test engineers, and
  • with the execution, reporting and analysis of automated tests.