Elektromechanische Lenkunterstützung

Electromechanical Steering Support – Safety Appraisals

During the development of electromechanical steering, safety analyses are needed whose results have a crucial impact on the development process. Safety requirements therefore need to be drawn up, and architectural features examined. This ensures that the risk from the system remains limited to an acceptable level.


Driver Assistance Systems

Driver assistance systems are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s motor vehicles, offering not only more convenience for the driver, but also helping to protect the environment.

Volkswagen eT! – FMEA System for a Special Vehicle

With its eT! concept vehicle, VW has shown what was technically possible in 2011: a vehicle for delivery firms which was fully electric and which, at the same time, could be driven partly automatically. Optimisation of the delivery business was also a priority here. Such complex systems potentially feature a hidden safety risk for drivers and other road users. However, this can be minimised with appropriate analyses and methods.