Flight inspection systems in especially equipped aircraft are used to measure and verify the navigation instruments, as well as the landing aids at airports, by means of the legal requirements and standards.

All of the necessary data, which is sent from the airport’s ground systems, is processed by special receivers in the aircraft and sent to comprehensive software. A detailed graphical interface helps operator(s) monitor this data.

Furthermore, it also allows ground support equipment to automatically check every component and re-calibrate it.

Under its catchphrase, “Precision in Special Mission”, Aerodata AG is a global leader in the field of Flight Inspection Systems (FIS) and a leader in technology when it comes to equipping vehicles and helicopters with special mission equipment.

Aircraft and helicopters modified by Aerodata are subject to technological challenges, such as

  • lifeguard rescue
  • monitoring of sea territories,
  • day-to-day police work, and
  • the surveying of aircraft control systems.

etamax space provides support to Aerodata in the implementation of its project-driven requirements for software development

  • through the development of user interfaces based on Java/Swing
  • the control of hardware components (sensor control),
  • the integration of various software components and automation of interface tests.

Aerodata AG

  • Support of the development team at customer’s
  • Graphical user interface
  • Control of measure instruments e.g. by GPIB
  • Preparation for internationalization of the software
  • Development of installation routines
  • System tests
  • Development of automated surface tests
Techniques and Tools:
  • Java
  • Eclipse
  • jGoodies Java User Interface Design
  • Rational Function Tester
  • National Instrument GPIB