With its eT! concept vehicle, VW has shown what was technically possible in 2011: a vehicle for delivery firms which was fully electric and which, at the same time, could be driven partly automatically. Optimisation of the delivery business was also a priority here. Such complex systems potentially feature a hidden safety risk for drivers and other road users. However, this can be minimised with appropriate analyses and methods.

etamax space was responsible for drawing up the System-FMEA. The entire system had to be analysed and assessed in multiple workshops for possible errors and failures. This was documented accordingly. The resulting measures led to the safe and reliable operation of the eT!. Furthermore, etamax space supported the manufacturer when it came to preparing a hazard and risk analysis.



  • Perform system FMEA
  • Organisation and moderation of FMEA workshops
  • Documentation of FMEA
  • Participation at hazard- and risik analysis
Techniques and Tools:
  • FMEA method
  • Excel as tool for documentation