The GAUSS basis project was implemented within a consortium of nine partners in the GAUSS environment (Galileo Centre for Safety-Critical Applications, Certifications and Services). The content was the development of a standard intermodal certification process for certifying safety-relevant GNSS applications. All of the norms and standards important for authorisation for the relevant transport domains were analysed. Overruns were identified which led to synergies when authorising a device for multiple domains and also minimised development costs.

Another task was to provide tools and infrastructure for such a certification. Here, etamax was responsible for the safety analysis and software areas. The foundations which were created were tested and applied in reference certifications. etamax carried out the safety analysis for an aviation communication device in the form of a functional hazard analysis (FHA) and a fault tree analysis (FTA). etamax also verified a software module as an example.


Lower Saxony

  • Analysis of domain specific requirements for certification
  • Definition of tools for software certification
  • Definition of tools for safety analysis
  • Safety analysis for reference certification of the communication device „Aerophone+“ for aviation
Techniques and Tools:
  • FHA, FTA
  • Excel, openFTA
More Informations: