etamax is lending support to GSP Sprachtechnologie GmbH from Berlin in the FIS project, which works with passenger information systems for trains.

Our employees test the systems on-site on the customer premises, but also perform tasks in Braunschweig, mostly from requirements management. We work with ECM and Jira.

Quality assurance in the software development process is ensured through compliance with Standards EN 50128 (CENELEC), as well as SIL 0 to SIL 2.

The performance specification analysis and adjustment, as well as the drawing-up of test case catalogues are but a few of the tasks during co-development validation. Tests are carried out by our employees directly on site.


GSP Sprachtechnologie GmbH

  • Analysis of requirements specifications
  • Requirements management
  • Drawing-up and adjustment of test case catalogues
  • Support of test campaigns (during co-development validation)
  • Test execution at the test system
Techniques and Tools:
  • ECM
  • Jira