As part of its support for its customer, Alstom Transport Deutschland, etamax covered a wide range of tasks which touched on further parts of the software lifecycle in accordance with EN 50128.

The activities comprise the co-design of the development processes to be used, with the foci on quality management, requirements management and configuration and change management, the latter with software support from CA Harvest. etamax’s involvement consists of the planning of the relevant processes and the subsequent management thereof, as well as the introduction, establishment and dissemination. In addition, our employees in System Engineering work on the door and passenger information vehicle systems.

The software development focus is on the drafting and implementation of driver status visualisations in railway vehicles. The programming is done in Visual Basic. Other applications for vehicle control technology were realised in FBD in accordance with EN 61131-3 for operation on Unix-based computer systems.

To verify software components, module test specifications are created, tests carried out and the results then evaluated and documented. The same also applies to the validation on a system level. Here, too, the tasks for etamax lie in creating the necessary validation tests, carrying them out, and then evaluating and documenting the results. Depending on the type of test, either a LabView test environment or the relevant target system is made available for the implementation (PLC or on-board computer).


Alstom Transport Deutschland GmbH

  • Software design and implementation of the train control system
  • Development and modification of the visualisation (GUI) at the drivers’ cab
  • Validation, software quality assurance, suppllier audit
  • Erstellung von automatischen Testumgebungen (Labview)
  • Testspezifikation und Durchführung (inkl. Analyse und Fehler-Reporting)
  • Tests zur Fahrzeuginbetriebnahme bzw. -abnahme
Techniques and Tools:
  • EN 50128 (CENELEC)
  • CCC Harvest
  • SPS
  • Labview