Since 2011, etamax space has been supporting OHB System AG from Bremen with the validation of on-board software in the area of data handling for multiple satellite projects, both from Braunschweig and also directly on-site. Test cases are set up using a so-called Domain Specific Language (DSL) on a test framework extended by etamax space. The software tester is in the position to create the test cases specified in DOORS in this DSL and automatically converts them into the Tcl/Tk customer environment.

These test cases can be run at any time there without any further modification and are regression-safe. Employees of etamax space are deployed across the entire software test management process. Test evaluation and documentation is carried out automatically by the modified test framework.

In addition, etamax space supports the creation and execution of test procedures on the satellite sub-system level in the area of Assembly Integration & Testing (AIT).


OHB System

  • Test framework definition and implementation
  • Planning of the validation processes
  • Description (Onthologie) via DSL (Domain Specific Language)
  • Definition and implementation of test cases
  • Test script verification
  • Test automatisation
  • Documentation of the test environment
Techniques and Tools:
  • RQM
  • Subversion
  • TSC
  • SCOE
  • TOPE
  • Domain Specific Language
  • TCL/Tk
  • Java
  • XML
  • ECSS-E-ST-40C
  • ECSS-Q-ST-80C