Guideline for use of artificial intelligence

GUIDELINE for AI in safety-critical applications

The mobility of the future becomes more and more autonomous. Artificial intelligence is a key technology in this context. However, its utilization may lead to new threats, which need to be mitigated. Existing safety concepts are no longer suitable.

The "Guideline for AI in safety-critical applications" from etamax shall contribute to a safe and autonomous mobility.

Guideline for AI in safety-critical applications
Guideline for AI in safety-critical appl
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Functional safety

for complex EE-systems in mobile applications

Our customers develop new functions as part of new or further technical developments. These must be proved to be safe and not pose a danger to lives and limb. Our team of competent engineers provides support in the area of functional safety.


The implementation of " Safety within the System" is our mission, and we are committed to it on a daily basis.


As safety supervisors, we coordinate all aspects of safety management. The customer can fully focus on providing the technical solution!


Here at FEV etamax, we identify with the topic of "safety". This is not just a process that has to be carried out - our claim is to achieve a lasting added value for the entire development from the safety engineering/management process. Our customers benefit from the fact that we constantly keep up with the latest technology, especially in all mobile sectors. This allows us to offer our expertise across different domains. This is precisely the decisive advantage when implementing individual and customised solutions in a dynamic environment.




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Qualitätssicherung, Funktionale Sicherheit, Hochvoltsicherheit, Verifizierung, Validierung, Software Engineering, Künstliche Intelligenz

Software Verification & Validation



We take our mission statement "Safety wherever you go" seriously, because we at FEV etamax try to secure every system optimally when tested. The proportion of software in many systems is increasing rapidly. Software is becoming increasingly complex, intelligent and autonomous. This also means that the challenge of testing the software and thus ensuring that all requirements for the software are met is also growing.




FEV etamax has years of experience in verifying and validating software systems. We also verify safety-critical software, whose software errors can put human lives in danger, according to the current standards. With our experience from various industries, we can select and combine the best possible verification and validation approaches for our customers. In this way, we offer an all-round package:


  • We define the test process
  • Introduce the appropriate verification and validation tools
  • take over the test specification, test execution and test reporting.


In addition, verification activities in the form of requirements and code reviews as well as complete traceability - from the requirements to the source code of the software to the test results - completes the package.




Our customers benefit from customized solutions for their applications.

We develop entire test environments and place a great deal of emphasis on test automation, which quickly pays off for repetitive test runs.

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Our topics for the future

The word innovation comes from Latin and means "the introduction of something new" or "change". Following this motto, FEV etamax GmbH has been conducting research in international research projects for years to solve central challenges of our society. Together with our partners, we invest time and resources in the following key research areas.


Mobility as we know it today will change significantly within the next decade to meet growing customer demands and reduce the effects on the environment.

Therefore, FEV etamax is constantly working on improvements of future mobility solutions.


Our goals:

  • A secure and safe mobility
  • Autonomous mobility
  • A fast, flexible and reliable mobility
  • An emission-free mobility


In modern society, efficiency plays a major role in all areas of our lives. Therefore, intelligent automation will become more and more prevalent. Parallel to this, the associated implementation of innovative technologies and processes in the use of artificial intelligence must also be secured, standardised and constantly developed.


For this reason, FEV etamax takes a comprehensive approach and develops innovative safety-critical solutions in the field of intelligent automation. This includes the securing of artificial intelligence, the associated participation in standardisation committees and the development of certified system solutions.


Our goals:

  • Create a smarter world
  • To develop a safe intelligence
  • To enable more efficient work 


With the unimaginable size of space, humanity faces not only great opportunities but also extraordinary challenges regarding the safety and efficiency of space projects.


FEV etamax is therefore pursuing various trends in space travel to improve life on Earth and support humanity on its way to becoming a multi-planetary species.


Our goals:

  • Enabling efficient and stable communication systems with a high bandwidth
  • Reducing the costs of space projects
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence in Space
  • Intelligent traffic management especially in relation to space debris



Climate change is becoming more and more visible worldwide.

The way we live and do business is not sustainable in the long term.

We want to use the competences of FEV etamax for sustainable purposes in order to fulfil our social responsibility and thus make our contribution to climate change.


Our goals:

  • The percentage of sustainable projects is to be increased progressively.
  • The understanding and acceptance of the etamax internal initiative ecomax is to be continuously increased among etamax employees.